Tom's Auto Sales
2136 E University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50317

Customer Testimonials

"We bought a car on Saturday - loved it. But realized Sunday night the transmission was slipping. I was nervous, because it was bought was an "as is, no warranty" sign. But.. Monday morning when I called them to find out what to do - they said bring it in and we'll fix it - no charge. They are rebuilding the transmission and we'll have a one year warranty on it. I would definitely recommend them for a cheap, used car." "Cheryl Aug 26 2011" 

"Tom's Auto is a fantastic dealership that stands behind their product. We purchased a Ford Explorer only to find an oil leak within 1 week after it was purchased. After taking the vehicle to my personal mechanic, we discovered the previous owner temporarily fixed the problem by applying an epoxy on the engine block. After contacting Tom's Auto, they assured me that they would fix the problem even tho they were unaware of this leak (the epoxy would be nearly impossible to see unless you put the vehicle on a lift and pointed a flashlight on the backside of the engine). After repairing the cylinder heads, the leak still persisted. Tom's Auto didn't quit! Instead they found a replacement motor with comparable miles, installed it and discovered that the crankshaft seal was leaking. Again, they stuck by their word. They found another engine, installed it and confirmed that it worked fine. While I was feeling concerned about the next problem that may occur, Tom's Auto offered to refund my full amount paid for the vehicle even after spending their time and money to correct the issue. Certainly, they lost money on this sale and were taken advantage of by the previous owner. Thankfully, Tom's Auto is a company that stands behind their Word, a dealership that treats their customers the way that they would want to be treated. All I can say is that this is a terrific dealership and I'm a real world example of a satisfied customer who has experienced first hand the integrity of this company. Thanks, Mark"